Center for Rehabilitation

Levels of Care

Inpatient Rehabilitation

At Rush Oak Park Hospital, inpatient medical needs, including medical tests, can be met at a moment's notice on site. Depending on your insurance, most treatments are included in coverage.

Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation

If you require intensive rehabilitation and 24-hour medical support, the Center for Rehabilitation's Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation program provides ongoing medical intervention and comprehensive rehabilitation. You receive rehabilitation for about three hours a day, six days a week, with a goal of returning to your home and family. The goal of the Center and its nursing and therapy staff is to work with you to help you transition back to home life or to another level of care.

Skilled Care

Patients admitted to the Skilled Care Unit at Rush Oak Park Hospital need an inpatient care setting but do not require full 24-hour medical support. The amount of therapy services you receive is based on your clinical need and ability to participate. Case managers follow your progress and work closely with the treatment team to place you in the appropriate level of care as your needs and goals evolve.

Whether you stay directly in the Center or are transferred to the Skilled Care Unit, you receive care and attention around the clock.

Home Therapies

Patients leaving the inpatient level of care usually need additional therapies. If you are homebound, you may be referred for home therapies from a number of home health agencies.

Outpatient Rehabilitation

For some patients, the Center's Outpatient Rehabilitation program will be the final stage of a successful treatment program, helping to ease their transition back to everyday life. Others may need Outpatient Rehabilitation only. Treatment may involve physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy or other specialized services.

Outpatient therapies may also complement other programs offered by Rush Oak Park Hospital, such as the Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program, the Rush Pain Center, and the Wound Care Center®.

Industrial Health

The Industrial Health program at the Center is a certified Isernhagen Work System facility. It offers a complete package of services from prevention to rehabilitation. The programs have been developed to promote workplace wellness, prevent on-the-job injuries and ensure a safe and speedy return to work for injured employees.

For more information, call 708-660-INFO (4636).