Community Benefits

Rush Oak Park Hospital is committed to ensuring that all patients receive quality health care. We are also dedicated to building a healthier community around us.

For more than a century, ROPH has strived to meet and exceed the needs of the community and provide exceptional, compassionate care. Our goal remains to continue on that path, strengthening our ties with our community through targeted outreach programs.

How Rush Oak Park Hospital makes a difference

Aiding the uninsured and covering costs not fully reimbursed by Medicaid and Medicare are only two of ROPH’s contributions to the community. Rush Oak Park Hospital also offers the following:

  • Annual diabetes health fairs.
  • Free health screenings at homeless shelters and food pantries.
  • Educational and training opportunities for students in local colleges and universities.
  • Job training for young adults with special needs to support them as they transition from high school to more independent living.
  • Educational health lectures.
  • Community outreach efforts, such as food and clothing drives.
  • Fitness classes for the community at large.

Many of these efforts are conducted through our community wellness program Healthy Motivations. And many are performed through collaborations with local organizations.

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