ROPH Chair of Surgery publishes book on basketball performance

Rush Oak Park Hospital’s Chairman of Surgery, Brian Cole, MD, a renowned sports medicine specialist at Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush and team physician for the Chicago Bulls, recently published a book entitled Basketball Anatomy.

The book is a guide for those interested in increasing their strength, speed and agility for better performance on the court. Fully illustrated, Basketball Anatomy demonstrates specific exercises and muscle groups that help virtually anyone interested in improving their level of fitness.  Any proceeds from the book received by Cole will be donated to support orthopedic research at Rush.

“Basketball Anatomy is one of the few books that captures the beauty and athleticism of our sport,” said Scottie Pippen, a six-time NBA champion and hall of famer. “Dr. Brian Cole understands what players go through to perform at their best. It’s a book I recommend.”

Chicago Bulls guard Derrick Rose, who has recovered from two devastating injuries early in his career thanks in part to the expertise of Cole, provides the foreword for Basketball Anatomy.

Rose writes, “You’ll learn how to be a better, stronger, healthier player and avoid common injuries in the game. … I’ve never seen a book that takes you inside the game and shows you why you train—the value, the benefit, and the results. It’s my go-to resource and a must for every player, coach, trainer, and fan.”

Cole has been chairman of the surgery department at ROPH since 2011, performing successful procedures on the shoulder, elbow and knee of dozens of professional athletes as well as patients who simply desire to remain active and pain free. 

Basketball Anatomy, co-authored by Rob Panariello, is available for purchase at Human Kinetics and other online book stores.