Rush Oak Park Now Offering 3D Mammograms

Digital tomosynthesis technology is proven to detect breast cancer earlier in women with dense breasts

April 11, 2017  (Oak Park, IL) --  Rush Oak Park Hospital‘s Breast Imaging Center is now providing an advanced screening technology, allowing physicians to view mammogram images in three dimensions. 

With digital breast tomosynthesis technology, also known as 3D mammography, clinicians take images of the breast from 25 different angles and then assemble those images into a three dimensional image that allows them to see subtle differences between healthy and abnormal tissues. 

Several studies have found that using three dimensional imaging, as compared to traditional two dimensional mammograms, may be more effective in detecting breast cancer earlier, especially in women with dense breasts. It also reduces the chance of being called back for additional testing.

“Being able to see a breast in three dimensions allows us to better see inside the breast and thus detect problems earlier. Early detection saves lives,” said Dr. Paula Grabler, director of the Breast Imaging Center at Rush Oak Park Hospital. 

The ability to see breast images in three dimensions is especially important for women with dense breasts, meaning they have more fibrous and glandular tissue than fatty tissue.

“The mammograms of women with dense breast tissue can be challenging to read as those layers of tissue appear as a solid white, obscuring early stage tumors that might be deeper in the breast,” Grabler explained. 

Annual, standard mammograms remain the standard of care for women with fatty breasts. For those who have previously been identified as having dense breast tissue or those who may be considered to be at a higher risk of developing breast cancer, Grabler is excited to provide this tool as it “makes it more difficult for breast cancer to hide.”

In addition to the Breast Imaging Center, Rush Oak Park Hospital’s clinical partnership with Rush University Medical Center means patients have access to all the advanced subspecialty services of a renowned teaching and research medical center.

The Breast Imaging Center at Rush Oak Park Hospital can be reached at (708) 660-6266 (MAMO).