Expert audiology services, close to home

Hearing loss can have a big impact on your physical, social and mental quality of life. When you take steps to treat it, the benefits can include a boost in cognitive function, easier social interactions and even improved memory. Whether you’ve had lifelong hearing loss or are beginning to experience hearing difficulty now, the specialists at the Rush Audiology Clinic in Oak Park can find a solution that works for you.

Our audiologists have experience in diagnosing and treating all types of hearing problems in babies, children and adults, including those with special needs. They provide comprehensive, personalized testing and services, with an emphasis on evidence-based, cost-effective treatment, all in a state-of-the art environment that’s designed for your comfort.

Our team also collaborates closely with Rush ear, nose and throat physicians in Chicago and Oak Park. No matter where your doctor is located, it’s seamless for you to receive audiology services and monitoring close to home.

Services We Provide
Assistive listening devices
Custom ear protection
Diagnostic testing for children and adults
Hearing instruments in a variety of sizes and styles
Why Choose Rush Oak Park Hospital
  • Expert, patient-centered care
  • Convenient Oak Park location
  • Close collaboration with Rush ear, nose and throat physicians in Chicago and Oak Park
  • Attention to both cost-effectiveness and quality
Partnering With Rush University Medical Center

The Rush Audiology Clinic in Oak Park shares technologies and communications — through our electronic health record system — with Rush University Medical Center. So you can receive services at Rush’s downtown campus if you need them, or close to home in Oak Park.