Diabetes & Endocrinology Tests & Treatments

The following tests and treatments are some of the most common offered by specialists in diabetes and endocrine disorders. These specialists offer many other advanced tests and treatments for a wide range of medical problems. Please call (708) 660-INFO (4636) if you have questions about specific tests or treatments not listed here.

  • Bone density scans: Important because aging, menopause and many hormonal disorders can affect bones and increase risk for fractures.
  • Continuous glucose monitors and insulin pumps: We help people with diabetes learn how to use and manage their glucose monitors and insulin pumps for the best results. 
  • Blood tests: A range of blood tests to evaluate hormonal disorders and follow whether the prescribed treatments are working.
  • Medical imaging: Complete range of medical imaging including in-office ultrasound for thyroid disorders.
  • Medications: We offer the latest FDA-approved medication options to help manage blood sugar levels.
  • ReeVue metabolic testing: Accurately measures basal metabolic rate, information that can be used to personalize weight loss programs.
  • Thyroid biopsy: Biopsy for thyroid nodules with the option for state-of-the-art genetic testing to be performed on certain types of abnormal nodules.