Featured Nurse: Meet Cynthia Chavit

Ever since I started on the floor, I admired her leadership. She's always offering a helping hand to other nurses and PCTs. I've conceived that if she could shower all the patients on the floor and do her nursing duties and empty all the trash, that she would do it all. If you are new on the floor, she takes charge to make sure that you're comfortable. She's always trying to learn and to educate. She caring and compassionate, yet so thorough in all that she does. She's such an amazing nurse, and I can honestly say I've never worked with anyone so kind hearted. She's super committed to the nursing profession. She's so flexible and will even try to adjust her schedule just to accommodate another staff. I appreciate her awesomeness! She's definitely an extraordinary nurse!

The nominated nurse consistently meets all of the following criteria:

  • Excellent critical thinking skills
  • Consistent focus on meeting patient and family goals
  • Commitment to the profession of nursing
  • Creates an environment for others to learn
  • Demonstrates flexibility and proactive leadership
  • Functions a integral member of the team

Nominated by: Jilicia Ricketts