Conditions Treated at Skilled Care Unit

The following conditions are some of the most common treated by specialists in the Skilled Care Facility. These specialists offer expert care for many other related medical problems. If you need care for a condition not listed here, please call (708) 660-INFO (4636) to find a doctor who can help you.

  • Self-care skills: Physical, occupational and speech therapists help patients achieve their maximum level of functional independence to promote transition back to the home and community.
  • Gastrostomy: Help with the initial care of an artificial opening made in the stomach for tube feedings.
  • IV therapy: Patients may require IVs or care of central venous catheters.
  • Ostomy and related treatment: Assistance caring for a recent ostomy (surgically created opening connecting an organ to the body’s surface), fistulas or loss of control of bowel or bladder function.
  • Oxygen therapy: Assistance with initial application and regulation of oxygen therapy and respiratory monitoring may be needed.
  • Pain management: Assistance with medication management and other interventions to manage pain.
  • Parkinson's disease: Our specialists have expertise in helping Parkinson's patients with mobility, balance, airway clearance, nutrition and communication issues.
  • Post-surgical recovery: Assistance with recovery and rehabilitation services for patients recovering from surgery.
  • Tracheostomy care: Patients may need help caring for an opening in the neck to create an airway and remove secretions from the lungs.
  • Wound care: Our team assists in monitoring wound healing and progress.