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Why Choose ROPH for Radiation Therapy

  • Rush quality cancer care close to home: Radiation Therapists at Rush Oak Park Hospital (ROPH) also practice at Rush University Medical Center using the same type of linear accelerator (which delivers radiation beams) and identical treatment mapping technology. This enables your radiation treatment at ROPH to be equivalent to that of a premier teaching and research hospital—but in a location close to home.
  • Advanced radiation technologies: Today’s technologies accurately target tumors, prevent the spread of cancer and reduce disease symptoms and side effects.
    • The Varian Clinac® iX linear accelerator with RapidArc® technology delivers radiation beams faster, more precisely, and from any angle.
    • A Siemens Somatom® Definition AS 64 CT is dedicated exclusively to radiation therapy planning. It pinpoints the location and shape of the tumor and aids in computer-assisted treatment simulation.
  • Multidisciplinary, personalized care: The center’s nationally known experts collaborate across specialties to tailor treatment plans to each patient. That means radiation therapists at Rush review and discuss your care to make sure it’s the most effective for your specific needs.
  • Newly renovated radiation therapy suite: The $4.5 million radiation center opened in 2014. Its warm, inviting space is designed with your comfort in mind. Features include private changing rooms, a 50-inch flat screen television, a coffee bar and comfortable furnishings.
  • Superlative safety: A well-established system of verifications and crosschecks is performed before each and every radiation session to ensure you get the right treatment.
  • Quickly available appointments: Most patients can be scheduled within a day or two of their initial call.
  • Fast, friendly service: The treatment process is organized, smooth and efficient. In most cases, you will be in and out in 15-30 minutes.
  • Free parking: Valet parking is free, along with close, free parking spaces reserved for radiation oncology patients.